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Any legal issues surrounding a person's estate, particularly after their passing, can be difficult to deal with, both financially and emotionally. At my law firm, I have helped Tennessee families ease the burden of the probate and estate administration process, offering complete representation on all matters relating to wills, trusts and estates.

Many people who reside in Tennessee may leave their estates to family members and relatives that reside outside of the state. In my practice, I also represent these out-of-state clients seeking assistance with probate and other estate matters.

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Representing Landlords Across Knoxville

In addition to my comprehensive family and estate work, I also assist landlords with detainer and other tenant matters. If you, as a landlord, have encountered non-paying or non-complying tenants, I can help you explore your legal options.

Contesting Traffic Violations

As a driver, I know the inevitability of being accused of a traffic violation. However, I also believe that not all violations have been rightly issued. At my firm, I may be able to help you fight your tickets, avoiding points or the loss of your license.

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If you are in the midst of a family law or probate issue, a diligent and experienced lawyer can make the difference in saving you time, money, and stress. Call 866-833-7145 or use the contact form to discuss your situation with a seasoned family law attorney today. My firm accepts most credit cards, and I assist clients with creating payment plans, if necessary.

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