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Experienced Estate Attorney

Are you looking for an estate attorney with decades of experience? With over 30 years of experience in this area of law, I’m the estate lawyer you need. Through probate and other processes, I’ll help you deal with family and estate issues throughout Tennessee. I can also work with out-of-state families that are seeking help with in-state probate.

Professional Inheritance Lawyer

Get the assistance you need in creating your will and executing it by relying on my skills as an inheritance lawyer. I’m an estate and probate lawyer who will work diligently to help you draft a will that properly covers all areas of your estate.

Reliable Trust Attorney

Protect your assets and finances. As a trust lawyer, I can help you determine if a trust is the right option to manage your assets while you’re alive. After your passing, I’ll use my experience as a trust attorney to transition your trust to another party easily and seamlessly.

Scott B. Hahn, Attorney at Law
  • Save money by choosing me as your estate attorney. I’m proud to offer competitive rates, and I’ll strive to find a cost that works for you.

  • Turn to me when you need an estate lawyer with a wide range of expertise, including will drafting, trust creation, estate execution, and probate assistance. I’ll assist you at every step of the way, helping you get what you want.

  • Rely on my decades of experience as an inheritance lawyer to help you draft your will. I’ll create an estate plan that can make the process easier for both you and your beneficiaries.

  • Ensure you have help while setting up a trust. As a specialized trust attorney, I’ll give you helpful advice throughout the process.

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