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Are you looking for an experienced and trusted family attorney in your area? For over 30 years, I’ve helped families handle difficult divorce considerations, including child support, divorce agreements, and more. As an experienced family court attorney, I’ll give you candid advice at every turn.

The Family Lawyer You Need

Get the help you need with your legal concerns by choosing me as your family court lawyer. With over three decades of experience as a family law attorney, including with situations such as assets and property division, child custody, and visitation agreements, I’ll apply my full breadth of knowledge from previous cases and circumstances to your needs.

My Family Law Firm Helps You Find Solutions

Using my decades of experience, I’ve formed my family law firm to help people throughout East Tennessee. When you choose me as your family lawyer, you can trust me for candid advice on your specific needs to build a strong case. 

Scott B. Hahn, Attorney at Law
  • Rely on me as your family court lawyer for candid advice on your current legal situation. Whether you’re going through a divorce or other issues, I’ll help you figure out your next steps.
  • Ensure you get the representation you need in family matters by turning to my family law firm. I’ll fight for you, helping you achieve a positive outcome for your situation.

  • Save money on legal services by choosing me as your family attorney. I’d love to help you get an affordable price on the services you need.
  • Turn to me when you need a family court attorney. With my three-plus decades of experience, I’ll help you build a strong case.
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