Helping Landlords Understand Their Rights

Knoxville, as with any large and developed city, houses plenty of tenants and renters. While landlords have certain responsibilities they need to maintain, they are also afforded rights for when tenants become nonresponsive or refuse to pay. These types of tenants can have a serious impact on a landlord's financial well-being.

My name is Scott B. Hahn and, since 1990, I have practiced in Knoxville, Tennessee, representing a multitude of clients on many issues, including as a landlord attorney. I have provided my services to landlords across the city who seek assistance in dealing with tenants who have not upheld the terms of their rental agreements.

Aggressive Representation On Your Behalf

Throughout my career, I have represented many landlords across the city who have been burdened by nonresponsive tenants. Typically, this involves going to court and filing a lawsuit against the tenant, showing they have breached the terms of their lease. This type of action allows us to find the optimal solution for dealing with nonpayment and other issues. This may mean that the landlord has to undertake lawful detainer actions and other means of evicting the client.

Court, however, may not always be necessary. In some cases, it may be more advantageous to discuss payment schedules or other means of complying with the lease. As your lawyer, I'll help you assess your options, and I'll work on your behalf to formulate a legal strategy that minimizes your financial exposure and helps you get back on track.

Contact Me To Review Your Options

To discuss any landlord matters, please call my Knoxville, Tennessee, office at 866-833-7145 or visit my contact page. I offer payment plans, and accept Visa and MasterCards.