Dividing Assets And Debts In A Divorce

One of the major considerations in a divorce is how to fairly divide joint property. Ideally, the two parties would be able to do this, amicably. However, this isn't always a realistic option, as there can be legitimate disagreements and opposing points of view. While some assets and debts may be divided in a straightforward manner, there may be more complex instances that require experience to navigate.

I am attorney Scott B. Hahn, and for 26 years I have helped couples in Knoxville and the surrounding areas as they explore divorce and its effects on their property, asset, and debt ownership. As an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer, I can guide you through the process, garnering the information necessary to pursue a property division agreement that is fair to both parties.

Who Gets What?

This is the central question in matters of property division. While the simple answer may be to separate everything in half, more often than not, this isn't the case. As every relationship has different dynamics, the circumstances leading to the division may vary. Therefore, it's imperative to be able to realistically assess the situation.

Having assisted individuals divorcing for the majority of my career, I'm able to review the paperwork and circumstances in property division. Doing so allows me to realistically and impartially evaluate your position, and guide you toward establishing a legal strategy that places you in the optimal position.

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