Encountering Changes After A Divorce

While many may assume that after a divorce, the agreement between two spouses is carved in stone, it's often not the case. Even though divorces are usually crafted to be final, often, changes in circumstances do occur that can result in a post-divorce modification. For example, there may be a geographical change, or perhaps one party wishes to amend a custody or spousal support agreement.

When these changes arise, a skilled attorney can help you present your case, and deal with any proposed modifications. I am attorney Scott B. Hahn and, for 26 years, I have helped residents of Knoxville, Tennessee, with all family law matters, including divorce and post-divorce decrees. In my practice, I am proud of my reputation for providing personal attention and an honest assessment of each case.

Seeking Modifications To A Divorce Agreement

While the terms of a divorce decree and custody arrangements are binding, there may be possibility of modification, provided a party goes through the appropriate legal channels. At my firm, I assist clients who, after a reasonable amount of time has passed, feel the need to seek modifications. Typically, the reasons for seeking a modification are due to substantial changes in circumstances, including:

  • Changes in financial well-being
  • Relocating
  • Health and wellness changes, such as one party being unable or unfit to fulfill a custody agreement, or conversely, becoming fit to do so
  • Changes in a child's needs and desires.

Assisting Individuals In Obtaining A Modification

To contact an experienced lawyer and discuss your potential grounds for post-divorce modifications, please call my Knoxville, Tennessee, office at 866-833-7145 or visit my contact page.