Protecting Your Assets As Well As Your Rights

Divorces can be complicated and raise many issues, including property division, business ownership, and other financial considerations. These can be significantly difficult to wade through without even considering the additional challenges that occur when children are involved. Matters of child custody and support can range from straightforward and amicable to contentious, threatening to stall the process.

I am attorney Scott B. Hahn. For 26 years, I have been assisting families across the Knoxville, Tennessee, area as they consider divorce. I am prepared to handle all aspects of the divorce procedure, from assessing the value of your property and assets, to helping you determine the optimal strategy for child support and custody arrangements.

An Accessible Lawyer For Difficult Times

Whether you are divorcing amicably or not, retaining an experienced attorney who makes himself available and attentive can significantly reduce your stress level as you work toward an optimal resolution.

Since 1990, I have provided my clients with an honest assessment of their situation as they consider divorcing. In particular, I emphasize the importance of creating the most favorable conditions for children, helping craft divorce plans that protect kids and place them in the most advantageous position.

In addition, I help clients as they navigate any potential alimony and spousal support considerations. As part of my practice, I assist clients in finding the right alimony plan, advising on the proceedings with an eye toward protecting assets while acting fairly to all parties.

The Assistance You Need

If you are considering or undergoing a divorce, contact my office to see what your options may be. Please call my Knoxville, Tennessee, office at 866-833-7145 or visit my contact page.