Protecting Your Child's Interests

In Tennessee, child support is calculated according to the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines, that include many different factors, including parents' incomes, as well as time they spend with the children. Typically, the parent that spends less time with the child may be responsible for a greater amount of the child's financial support. An experienced lawyer can help you parse out your legal obligations, and assist you in determining who owes what.

I am attorney Scott B. Hahn, and for 26 years I have represented families in the Knoxville area in all matters involving child support considerations. I understand how important your children are, and I know that helping support them financially can be a large part of a successful upbringing.

As a child support lawyer, I also know how these decisions can be overwhelmed by emotions. I can work with you to examine the numbers and paperwork in detail, and make rational, logical decisions that benefit your kids.

Finding A Fair Result

Achieving a child support agreement that best benefits the child is sometimes the easiest part of the proceedings. Too often, parents don't honor the obligations that come from these agreements, leaving one parent unduly burdened with providing the totality of support. In these cases, a strong advocate is needed to help fight for your rights. As your attorney, you will have an aggressive representative on your side, wholly dedicated to helping enforce the payments from a parent that refuses to pay.

Similarly, if you are having trouble meeting payments due to circumstances in your life, I can help you seek modifications to the divorce agreement that will more accurately represent your current ability to pay.

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