Finding Common Ground In Custody Proceedings

In a divorce involving children, matters of child custody and visitation will involve some of the most important decisions. Acting in the children's best interests, even as parental dynamics and relationships change can be unfortunately difficult.

My name is Scott B. Hahn and, since 1990, I have been helping families across the Knoxville, Tennessee, as they divorce and seek to find agreements in matters involving their children. In these situations, it's imperative to know what's at stake, both for children and parents. With over two decades of experience as an attorney in this field, I have the background to look at each unique case and help craft an agreement that will suit the changing parental roles.

Compassionate Guidance, Experienced Representation

In my experience, I have found that the most amicable child custody and visitation arrangements are settled and designed without involving the court. Allowing parents to control the process gives them the ability to feel comfortable and empowered in their agreement.

However, I know that this is often not an option for parents who have firm disagreements. In these cases, a seasoned lawyer can fight for your rights, and help secure deals that are ultimately in the best interests of the children.

Working Together For Your Children's Best Interests

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