Helping Families Find Resolutions

Divorce can be difficult on the entire family, both emotionally and financially. As every relationship is varied and unique, the considerations that have to be undertaken in divorce proceedings vary from case to case. Even more complications can arise if children are involved. However, a skilled attorney can help you navigate the proceedings, working to achieve the best possible outcomes.

I am Scott B. Hahn and I have over 26 years of experience helping families across the Knoxville, Tennessee, area as they prepare for the following:

  • Divorce, whether amicable or not, relaying the full range of options to clients
  • Modification to divorce agreements, including changes to the agreements as a result of a change in circumstances
  • Dividing assets and debts, helping clients determine the fair and equitable division of their property
  • Child custody and visitation agreements and modifications, helping determine and arrange the optimal custody and visitation agreements
  • Child support, working to find out the most beneficial support arrangement possible.

An Experienced Lawyer On Your Side

There are many considerations that need to be explored in family law matters. While some separations are agreeable, just as many can be contentious. Having worked on a litany of family law matters since 1990, I have seen the full breadth of cases and circumstances, and am prepared to advise my clients using the full weight of my experience.

Contact Me For A Consultation

For many, dealing with a divorce will be an incredibly difficult and stressful time. Having assisted families through the process for my entire career, I can help you feel prepared, placing you in a position to get the best possible outcome. To contact my firm and discuss your issue in more detail, please call 866-833-7145 or visit my contact page.